Synergy Wave, LLC

More Power...Less Pressure

Our Story

Our paths crossed when we volunteered in our daughters’ school for a community project and the journey started. As we delved into what we do, we realized that our fields of concentration complement each other creating an outstanding synergy. We decided to combine our educational backgrounds and field experience to develop programs to assist others in finding the power and balance in their lives and relationships. We feel the ripple effect as we work side by side and integrate our professional skill sets to create a sum bigger than the addition of the parts. We are very excited to pass this energy to others with more power and less pressure.

Who We Are

Dena Alleman

As a passionate pet person, Dena's using dog metaphors to help us lead lives more like our dogs...More Waggin' & Less Barking!  While fully human, this comparison to dogs can help us to improve our lives by identifying sources of stress and low performance, improving pack dynamics and facilitating pain and injury recovery. 

A formal education in process improvement and process training, ergonomic design, and organizational change, coupled with training as a professional coach and certifications in positive psychology, EFT, and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) provide her with a unique blend of skills. Her life experiences as a student athlete, performer, and single mom allow her to understand various stressors, mindsets, and the process of making lasting, positive shifts.

Dena has experience in assisting individuals and teams with transitions, through personal development and organizational change, to implement plans and improve relationships. She works with clients to determine areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction and develop strategies to achieve their goals. She also recommends effective strategies and methods of resource planning to businesses in an effort to accomplish set goals through work-life and process improvement. Additionally, Dena has developed and facilitated workshops, retreats, and tele-seminars covering practical stress and pain management techniques.  Her 20+ years of corporate experience, which includes trainings and organizational change management, research, and planning, serves to support her work in client management, service and training and improving client performance.

Fulya Bergman Sinangil

Over the last 25+ years, Fulya B. Sinangil's passion has been to serve families with infants, children, teens and adults in different capacities—as a Licensed Professional Counselor in GA, an Adjunct Community College Professor, and Infant/Toddler and a Family Specialist in NC—in multidisciplinary teams.  

Her formal education in Psychology (BA), Community Counseling (MS), and Early Childhood and Parent Education (MA) allows her to support clients in variety of settings. Fulya’s experience as a clinician and an educator has allowed her to hone her skill in developing need assessments, lesson plans, outcome measures, discharge plans, and individualized service plans for a variety of clients. With her extensive background in training development, Fulya hopes to continue to empower people of all ages to reach their full potential with the idea of “More Power and Less Pressure”, in all aspects of their lives.

Fulya is certified in STEP (Systematic Effective Parenting), Test Anxiety, Behavior Modification, and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction). She has conducted seminars and classes on Positive Communication, Anger & Behavior Management Techniques, and Team Building, Child Development and Early Interventions. She is experienced in assisting her clients to identify their needs and to determine and improve their goals by creating positive relationships and environment. Her intention is to raise awareness about the connections between mind, body, and emotion, while helping individuals find balance and build resilience in an effort to improve learning and performance.