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Test Stress & Performance Anxiety
Some of us really do great in class and with homework.  You might even have people asking for help, but when it comes to test time...ack!  Singing, dancing, public speaking?  Do you love it...but the thought of actually getting up in front of people starts the beads of sweat forming?  There are a some easy to learn tools to break these patterns...quickly! 

The Mental Game for Performance
FREE videos of discussions with Elite Athletes in the Resource Library from NFL players, Division 1 Women Soccer stars, to pre-title 9 Olympic Medalists in swimming, non-scholarship athletes, and Iron Man Triathletes.

Games Mother Never Taught You - The Difference Between Boys & Girls in Sports
This Webinar Workshop series is for both parents, teens, and coaches to understand the source of differences between boys and girls in their mental game, performance anxiety, and pain management, as well as how to help them succeed not only at sports but throughout their lives.  

Check the calendar for upcoming dates.  Contact us if you'd like us to speak at a local event on these topic.