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More Power...Less Pressure

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Go for the Gold - Mental Skills Training for Performance


Synergy Wave teaches how to have "More Power...Less Pressure".  


In this program, your child will learn how to train their Brain through fun and engaging techniques and games just like the pros do to improve their sports & stage performance.  Your children will learn how to visualize their way to peak performance and refocus their thoughts to provide strength, perseverance, and resilience. They will not only walk-away with practical tools they will also know how to “Go for the Gold” all of their life.


Minimum of 10 students / Maximum of 16 students  

Ages 10 and up $25 per session

Offered at Cliff Hangers in Mooresville 12noon to 1pm on: Tuesday 6/27/17, Tuesday 7/11/17, Tuesday 7/25/17, Tuesday 8/8/17 - pick 1 session!


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