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Helping you live life more like your dog!

Life doesn't have to be so ruff!   Yep - lots of puns, goofy metaphors and the like ...

Get More Waggin'...Less Barking in your life!

Don't you wish you had your dog's life?

Stress free, treats, naps, enjoying the simple pleasures like a good scratch behind the ears, and they are ALWAYS happy to see a friend.

Want to figure out  how to get more of that into your own life?  This FREE webinar is for you!

As a dog lover (and coach of people), I know it's easy to wish for a different life - an easier life like we provide for our pets, but you CAN make your own life more like this - and it's easier than you think.

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Thursday 4/19    4pm and 8pm ET
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Life doesn't have to be so ruff! Yep - lots of puns, goofy metaphors and the like ...

How to be Top Dog! 

Tired of being tired? 

Sniffing around for more fun in your life?

Ready to bury the stress and worry?

You might need some inner grooming to change your thought patterns.

Contact me to set up a complimentary 30-minute session and discuss Top Dog coaching.

I'm Dena Alleman -  the Top Dog & Coach at Lucky Dog Coaching.  I'm a bad-ass dog lover, mom, and coach that helps you get what you want out of life.  

Be prepared - I'm not PG, not boring, and bullshit is called when seen!   Of course, lots of dog puns and metaphors will be used as well as super-cute dog pics and videos.

If you want to change your life to have less stress and more fun in practical and easy to learn steps,  I can help.

No whining and no barking allowed!  You must be willing be your own pooper-scooper.  (I warned you about the goofy puns and metaphors!)

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