Synergy Wave, LLC

More Power...Less Pressure

There are MANY things that stress us out - but at the center of all of them is....drumroll...YOU!

We have a full toolbox to teach you to reduce your stress for More Power and Less Pressure.

Here are just a couple of things that have really helped us manage stress:

* Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction - learning to be present in the moment and access natural relaxation techniques we all have.

* Most of the things we worry about are simply stories we tell ourselves.  Byron Katie developed what's known as "thought work", which is a way to unravel the thoughts that cause us stress and harm.  This doesn't mean that things like a lack of time and money aren't real, but the worries and stress around it are built on stories.  So - think of this as rewriting your story!

* EFT or Tapping - this is an accupressure technique for pain and stress management.  As a trained EFT Practitioner, this technique is very helpful for performance anxiety, stress management, and pain reduction.  It is super simple to learn, but feels like magic when you're going through it!

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