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More Power...Less Pressure

More Power...Less Pressure: Teaching with Less Stress

This program covers both how to take Mindfulness into the classroom as well as Mindful self-care FOR Teachers & School Staff.  We teach a variety of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction tools to improve performance, to energize and focus, to decompress and relax, as well as mind-body-emotion connections to better understand your responses (and others) to stress.

This program is offered in four 30-minute sessions or two 1-hour sessions to be easily incorporated into teacher workdays, staff meetings, or as a lunch-and-learn format.

Parenting with More Power

Does this sound familiar?

- I don’t feel respected 

- He won’t tell me anything

- They only listen to me if I yell 

- They’re always on their phone

- I’m overwhelmed 

- There’s too much going on

In this program, you’ll see how to identify your stress responses as well as your child’s, and learn how to practically change and enhance communication in your family.  You will walk-away with practical tools for mindful parenting and improve relationships with your kids.

We offer a 3-week or 6-week program package.  Minimum of 6 / Maximum of 16 participants.

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen™

Tired of repeating yourself? Frustrated with the one-word answers? Trying to figure out what’s going on in your kids’ life? As authorized leaders of this seminar based on the best selling book, this will help improve your relationship and communication with your kids and learn how to get them to reallytalk to you!

This workshop is offered as a 3-week or 6-week series.

Minimum of 6 / Maximum of 16 participants.

Mental Skills Training: Train your Brain for Peak Performance

In this program, your child will learn how to train their Brain through fun and engaging techniques and games just like the pros do to improve their sports & stage performance.  

Your children will learn how to visualize their way to peak performance and refocus their thoughts to provide strength and perseverance. They will not only walk-away with practical tools they will also know how to “Go for the Gold” all of their life.

Minimum of 6 students / Maximum of 16 students                             6-session program

Check out this link for an example of how elite athletes and performers use these techniques to operate at their peak.