Synergy Wave, LLC

More Power...Less Pressure


* Boen Nutting, Ed. D. - Principal, Mt Mourne IB School

"We appreciate the time that our friends from SynergyWave spent with our teachers at Mt. Mourne School.  Their common sense approach to creating a Mindful Classroom gave us strategies and ideas that we were about to immediately implement.  In a time when kids have difficulty disconnecting, mindfulness strategies can become a quick, easy, but important part of every child's day."

* A college student-Levine scholarsholar prior to his panel interview:

“Meeting with Ms. Fulya built my confidence because she facilitated organization in my thoughts. I knew that I had to be genuine in my interviews but meeting with her allowed me to be introspective about the aspects of myself and my character that was important to display in front of that panel.”

* Mother of two young children:

"Who needs an advice to “your parenting” right?! The answer is “we all do.”   I was relieved to see I was not the only one with dilemmas. Sharing experiences with other parents and getting advice from these experts, Dena and Fulya, were priceless . I loved the breathing exercises and how you can actually visualize flossing your brain from all negative."

Mother of two teenagers:

"Great program!  It serves as a bridge to communication gaps between parents and their teenage children.  As a parent , I learned it helped me recognize clues that were highlighted by the program and to never take anything personally!  Fulya is a great listener, a problem solver and is able to provide a very comforting, nonjudgmental environment."

* Middle School Teacher:

"I like the connections being made to science/neurology - makes the techniques seem more legitimate and not 'new-agey'."

* Middle School Teacher:

" I enjoyed the interactive nature of several activities...It did make me realize that positive emotions give me more power than negative ones."

*  Mother of teenager:

"As a mom, I was feeling lost.  The seminar showed me the path."