Synergy Wave, LLC

More Power...Less Pressure

Why we do what we do!

Fulya: While working with families, I realized they didn’t know these powerful but easy to learn techniques to improve their relationships and to reduce pressure. They were amazed about the quick and drastic improvements that they saw. It was surprising how naturally the tools became part of their daily routine. Because of the impact I saw on these families, I wanted many more people to benefit from these tools for more power and less pressure. The earlier we use these tools, the more empowered and less stressed we and the next generation will be.

Dena: I started playing tennis at the age of 8. I knew how to excel technically, but didn’t have the mental game or confidence needed to win. By college, I was burned out. Success as a singer and student (graduating HS as a Jr., getting an engineering degree) and in the corporate world didn’t make me feel better about myself. I started self-harming in middle school, made many horrible choices as a teenager, and was living a relatively empty life until I learned through spiritual teaching, research, and formal training as a life coach that I could change my view of how I’m “supposed” to be, I learned how to stop listening to the mean-girl in my head, and started over. I couldn’t NOT help others learn what has helped me – especially to learn them earlier than I did!