Synergy Wave, LLC

More Power...Less Pressure

April 16, Monday 4:30pm - 5:30pm drop in 

Team Parent Information Meeting about Mental Skills Training program.  

April 24, Tuesday 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Parenting/Teaching with Less Stress - Introduction workshop.  $25 per person.  CLICK HERE to sign up.

Mental Skills Training Sessions

30-minutes prior to Team Practice on Mondays in April.  $25 per person.  Contact Fulya (in the cafe or via email) to reserve a time.  Pay via cash/check in person or CLICK HERE to prepay after you've set up your appointment.


Explore our programs for adults in all stages of life to live with More Power...Less Pressure.


Mindfulness isn't a "thing" - it's a way to connect your Mind-Body-Emotions.


No matter the age - from elementary through college - we have a program to help your students succeed in life.

Check out the programs to help your child improve their performance.


We believe the educational experience is optimal when all parties are operating at peak performance without stress.  

This program provides options for everyone.

Need some 1-on-1 time for input and ideas about specifics with your children, reducing stress in the household, improving relationships, blended family issues?  We can help!

Click HERE for Private Session packages for individuals or families.

What We Do!

We help people have "More Power...Less Pressure" in their lives.

Our focus is on...

  • Improving Communication
  • Improving Relationships
  • Improving Performance

We do this in workshops, retreats, after school programs, lunch and learns, and private mentoring and family strategy sessions.

Who We Help

We have strong connections with students, families, educators, and businesses.

The formative years as students and how family dynamics impact our view of ourselves, inform our mindsets about performance, and how we form relationships can be long lasting.

Our Why... 

Fulya Bergman Sinangil and Dena Alleman share a passion for helping people as well as bringing diverse education and experiences to aid people in all stages of life - especially students and families.

We believe the sooner we can teach people to have More Power...Less Pressure, the sooner they can enjoy life more fully.